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2 Popular Exercise Programs You Shouldn’t Miss

my bikini butt

My Bikini Butt

The My Bikini Butt Program is a fairly new and popular exercise program created by Andrea Albright. This program’s goal is directed at women who are looking to lose body fat while simutaenously building a tight body and perky butt.

Unlike other fitness experts Andrea wasn’t always the in shape cover model for popular magazines like Womans fitness before. In fact, about a decade ago Andrea was overweight, tired, and unhappy with her body. She suffered from what she called the “obesity genes”, which in other words, means that she had genetics that were naturally predispositioned to store fat.

Basically, for a long time Andrea had tried various diet and exercise programs in the past and either would not see the results she was promised or would make some initial progress only to experience the dreaded rebound or “yo-yo” effect we know all to well. Where she constantly lost and gained weight, never making any real progress. Andrea also sought the advice of many personal trainers and pretty much got the same disappointing results as well. In addition, she tried various popular fat burning and metabolism boosting supplements only to again experience the same results.

So what did she do? Well, eventually at her wit’s end she took it upon herself to try and develop her own system tailored to her own body that would allow her to lose the weight she wanted, tone up her body, and enable her to actually keep the weight off for good. Utilizing the expertise and knowledge of various fitness experts and long nights of trial and error she developed an exercise and nutrition program that enabled her to eventually reach her goals–for good. On her new program Andrea had dropped 10 dress sizes and simutaneously build lean and curvy muscle tissue that she has successfully maintained for nearly a decade now.

For more information on Andrea Albrights exercise program you can check out this review of my bikini butt that we found. This review goes into Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt Program from the first hand experiences of a woman who has recently bought and seen results using this program.

Greek God Program

Our next program to discuss is known as the greek god program. Unlike the prior program this one is particularly geared towards men who are interested in attaining that “greek god” look. Otherwise known as a lean and chiseled-muscular and highly aesthetic body without too much mass (especially in the legs department). Essentially, this program aims to help you create the physique that popular bodybuilders from the 70’s had, such as Arnold Schwartzenegger, Franco Columbu, and probably the most likely to attain similarities too–Frank Zane.

The creator behind this program is Greg O’Gallagher who practices what he preaches. The program focuses on what Greg calls MEGA training and is basically training heavy and intensely less frequently than the common training programs you will find within the pages of most magazines.What makes this program highly effective is that it utilizes a lower freqency training which is ideal for natural bodybuilders. Too many people religiously follow the advice of workout programs plastered across the pages of steroid pumped bodybuilding magazines only to find out that they don’t get the same results.

For more information you can check out this greek god program review we found. Again, it goes into one bodybuilders exeriences with Greg O’Gallaghers Greek god program and how effective it was for him. Remember building muscle is challenging and time consuming so the more knowledge you can aquire on how to actually stimulate hypertrophy and fortify it with a good nutrition plan the better. Don’t miss this one!